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FEATURE: Welcome the first ever Dance Music Charity: Apollo Aid Foundation

As one of the fastest growing industries in entertainment, Dance music has evolved to a cultural movement with an energy that unites people from all around the globe. With increasing public attention the mismatch between the idea of Dance music and  its perception through mass media has drifted so far apart it is time to take the spirit of Dance music to a new level and harness its potential to make a positive impact on the world. – The Apollo Aid Foundation was created to undertake that mission. The Apollo Aid Foundation stands for unity and its power to do good to the world. By uniquely involving both the fans and the artists in Dance music, the newly launched Foundation works synergistically towards the goal of creating happiness and alleviating suffering in the world.

 By donating one performance fee per year all participating artists support causes that are close to their hearts as well as the annual Apollo Aid Fan Fund. With the Fan Fund, the Apollo Aid Foundation not only enables the Dance music community to help decide which causes should be supported as a whole by the Foundation, but also gives them the opportunity to make donations themselves and join the movement of giving back on a large scale.

Gathering the likes of John 00 Fleming, John Askew, Bryan Kearney, Solarstone, Sneijder and Woody van Eyden to name but a few, The Apollo Aid Foundation teamed up with more than 50 artists and will launch on March 8th 2016. The UK based charity, founded by Dan Willis and Nick Tuckett, received early support and guidance from various industry professionals, Dance music enthusiasts and artists, all of which have proved invaluable in turning the concept into an operational charitable organisation.

I am looking forward to seeing Apollo Aid achieve so much in giving back to those in need in the world. It is exciting, and very positive that we are working hard to unite the Dance music industry to make such difference with the foundation globally.’ co - founder Dan Willis states.

Alongside the highly anticipated launch of the charity, the Apollo Aid Foundation has also partnered with Los Angeles’ premier club Exchange to host an Apollo Aid night to raise money for charity. The multi-artist event will be the first chance for fans to actively join the AAF movement by just celebrating with their favorite DJs. More information about the event will be announced soon.

The Apollo Aid Foundation sets sail with the goal of bringing a new level of unity to the Dance music industry. With a growing roster of artists joining the Foundation to support multiple causes, it is safe to say this is an unprecedented opportunity for all artists to join and start giving back together on the largest scale this industry has ever seen.

The team behind Apollo Aid Foundation

Dan is an artist within the dance music industry, well-known both for his successful productions and popular global tour dates. Dan has been part of multiple charity performances, and has previously donated his performance fee and track royalties to charitable causes. Prior to becoming full-time artist, Dan spent 6 years working with a company specializing in the care and support of
children with disabilities.

Nick was a talented rugby player with a promising professional career until receiving a career-ending injury, and has since dedicated his life to bringing health, happiness and confidence to people using exercise. Nick has been involved in numerous charity projects in his hometown of Swindon, UK, and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charitable causes.

Head of Marketing
Jason is a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience leading branding for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining the Apollo Aid Foundation, Jason was a Senior Director of Marketing at Gap Inc., responsible for global branding, strategy, advertising and customer experience. When not building brands, Jason can be found on dance floors around the world.

Head of Public Relations
Jenny is the former Product Manager of Paul Van Dyk’s VANDIT Records. Jenny  received her diploma in Marketing Management and Advertising and specialized in social media and public relations. She has already worked with globally renowned companies such as Veuve Clicquot and German National Railways on creative and strategic communication concepts as well as on several
international projects as freelanced project and digital campaign manager.

Lead Designer
Martin has been part of the music industry for over 15 years as an electronic music artist and as a professional media designer, and applies a keen in-depth knowledge of the entire industry to his creative vision. In addition to designing and coding, Martin loves to produce music, travel, and meet people from all over the world.

Artist Liaison
Robbi is the Social Media & PR Manager for Andy Moor's AVA Recordings and is finishing her International Relations degree. Along with a love of dance music, she is also passionate about making the world a better place, and has used her international development background to work with organizations like Global Perspectives Canada to raise funds for projects like classrooms and clean water in Malaysia, Paraguay, and Nigeria.

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